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V. E. "Veltzeh" Lehkonen

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Movie critic [Jul. 26th, 2009|12:41 pm]
V. E. "Veltzeh" Lehkonen
I'm a really lousy movie critic. When I go see a movie and later try to tell what I thought of it, I can either say "it was good/great" or spew a very long essay about it. I've never actually written an essay, because it feels like writing that would be too toilsome, so I'm not entirely sure that I could do it. This same thing probably applies to books as well.

Do I ever think that a movie is bad? No, not really. There are two exceptions, two movies that I think are crap. One is Gladiator. I hated it passionately, only because I expected something different when I saw it. That is the SOLE reason for my hating the movie. Otherwise I imagine it was quite a great movie. The other crappy movie was some "artistic" and "psychological" (probably?) movie about black people. I have no clue why I watched it, but I suppose I thought that the movie didn't make sense, so I waited it to make some and was disappointed. I have no clue what its name was, but it was like an amalgam of several completely unrelated scenes, and there was a scene in it where aliens came to earth and ordered all "black" people to come to their spaceship. It ended with a scene of a nasty argument between a romantically involved pair who then shot each other.

All other movies are good. There are some well-done things in them, but no movie is perfect and I'm not able to expect perfection. Every movie has bad points and good points and people don't agree on which points are good and which bad, which means that any view on a movie is very subjective.
Is there something that everyone can agree is good or bad? Maybe. Bad acting is one example, but I prove that wrong, since I can't most often tell when acting is bad and therefore bad acting doesn't affect my movie experience. I think that I've been getting better at it lately, though.

I suspect that the reason why I end up thinking all movies are good is because I expect very little of them, or expect appropriate things of them. I remember watching the movies "UHF" and "Dungeons & Dragons" (which are said to be awful) and, well, I thought they were okay. "UHF" was good for a comedy and "Dungeons & Dragons" could have been a lot better, but it only sucked if one expected it to be awesome.

The best movie I ever watched was Terminator, because I was 12 when I first saw it.