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V. E. "Veltzeh" Lehkonen

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Of writing and Fullmetal Alchemist [May. 9th, 2012|12:47 am]
V. E. "Veltzeh" Lehkonen
[Tags|, ]

Last December I ran across the new anime of Fullmetal Alchemist, called Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I watched it and thought it was awesome. Because I'm not a very good reviewer, I'll just say that I enjoyed it and that the characters' faces were refreshingly recognisable. I also read some of the manga.

There was one thing in particular that I liked: Envy. I suspect I like it so much because of its looks, because its personality is pretty much just awful. Awful personality usually prevents me from liking a character, but obviously not this time. I liked it so much that besides the end of December, the whole Christmas vacation along with January and February wooshed by while I thought of little but it and the series. And that's not all: I was so inspired that I wrote Forged in Ice, a fan fiction story. And drew pictures (best one here), but that was easy to see coming.

This time I didn't just rush head in to the writing but wanted to actually make something readable. Therefore, one of the first things I decided before I started writing seriously was how the story would end. My decision kept and the story ended the way I intended.

Naturally, there were other problems that I still couldn't solve. One of them was the lack of plot. I thought I had a plot that was enough, but as I kept writing, it never started looking like a plot as far as I can tell. I had at least one subplot that I could and probably should have developed more, but I found that I didn't want to write so much about it. The first four chapters felt both rushed and like they were getting nowhere.

Nevertheless, I'm rather happy about how the writing process went and how the story turned out. Neither was all that good, but I think I developed my writing abilities!

I had about five or six chapters written when I decided to start publishing it. I decided that I would update the story weekly, in a regular manner, because I could. I had a buffer of chapters all through the publishing period. Needless to say, I still edited the chapters before I published them, some just a little, but I also reordered them and so on. My first update day was a Monday, but I forgot to add the second or third chapter on a Monday, so I changed it to be a Tuesday. I updated the story from 2012-01-16 to 2012-05-08.

The worst threat to the schedule happened when I was inspired by a review and started writing more stuff to the last chapter under a week before its publication time. I ended up writing so much that I could make another chapter (most of that happened right on the day when I was supposed to publish it) so I just took the new material, made a new penultimate chapter out of it and published the last chapter the next week.

The story turned out to be just over 50000 words long, even without the wordy author note section at the end of one chapter. It was like a NaNoWriMo spread over several months, and obviously with better editing, because I can't not edit.

I managed to decide how a story would end before I started writing it! And I finished it! Success!

Would anyone like to hear more about the writing process? I'd probably post them as comments to this post, or maybe in a new post.