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More Pathfinder: Serpent's Skull

After the campaign I wrote about in this post ended, we started another with the same players. The new campaign was another of Paizo's adventure paths, Serpent's Skull. I did something unheard of: I decided to try playing a character with a high charisma.

My character was Malje, a descendant of evil racist colonialist nobles. And yes, this meant that she was a racist colonialist noble too. Not evil though. She was an oracle, a spontaneous divine caster who was haunted by mischievous spirits.

As I suspected, I had trouble playing the high charisma. Malje wasn't supposed to be as quiet as I played her, and a lot of chances passed by as I waited for a suitable spot to speak. Also, one of the other characters was supposed to be Malje's servant and I just didn't know how to play that. I think there was a lot of wasted potential there. I considered many times that I should just switch characters and make one that I'd have an easier and funner time playing. I probably tried too much with her.

Nevertheless, despite the troubles, Malje had some good moments and at least one of the other players seemed to really like her.

When the characters were at level 12, we ran across an awful gigantic worm that spit acid and ended up killing Malje. To be honest, the worm would have probably killed all of them but our huge damage dealer Mogashi hit it so hard that it decided to flee. Mogashi could have healed Malje before she died, but he ran after the worm in a rage. Our healer Kuros could have easily raised Malje within one round or so of her death, but he was too far away. Also, I was okay with her dying, so she died.

Of course, at level 12, there are plenty of options for bringing back a dead character. If you know Finnish, read what happened in Malje's character sheet (the chatlog at the end). Briefly in English: She didn't have a will, so Kuros casted speak with dead and asked whether she wanted to come back. He got no answer, so he wouldn't raise her. The reason why she didn't answer was that she truly believed that she couldn't die. I had decided that pretty early in the campaign because her healing saved the others many times, plus she was an oracle of bones (death). And of course a person with a wisdom of 8 would never die! I didn't immediately know what this would mean if she died, but by that time it was clear. She could not answer questions about her death because she wouldn't be dead. She went to the place where chaotic neutral people go after death and was most likely recruited by some powerful entity to fight in some wars in the afterlife.

My next character was something a lot more traditional for me: Teak, an elven skillmonkey archer-fighter with charisma 8 and ridiculous CMD. Teak is an actual Pathfinder and isn't afraid of the numerous sewers under cities.

I don't think I'll be playing a character with a charisma higher than 14 again.
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