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V. E. "Veltzeh" Lehkonen
Veltzeh is
– a strange genderless person (for a personal pronoun, please use "ey" or "it") who resembles human-like beings
– a student in the Tampere University of Technology
– from Finland
– an Elfwood moderator
Elftown staff
– an artist, a writer and a role-player

My more or less boring stuff is at my Elftown diary. This journal began as a rant- and angst-fest, but that changed and I started writing also some important things and stuff that didn't fit into the Elftown diary. This happened in August 2005. The posts prior to that are mostly crappy and very angsty rants. Then, in April 2009 I decided to make this a decent blog. Posts before April 2009 are ...not so good.

I do not need signatures. I do not need avatars. I don't do gender.